Ray School Walk-a-Thon 2018: Stepping up our support for Ray!
First Last Sbup Team Name
Lucas Adams Ms. Krecik's class
William Adams Ms. Sheridan's class
Aimee Albaugh Ms. Markert's class
Ayokunle Allen Dr. Toney-James' class
Isaiah Allen Ms. Krecik's class
Ivy Allen Ms. Hall's class
Destiny Amos Ms. O'Connor's class
Kassidy Anderson Ms. Sheridan's class
Brock Anderson Ms. Maltz's class
Oliver Bagrowski Ms. Burks' class
Edith Bagrowski Ms. Sweeney's class
Owen Bakkum Ms. Clement's class
Henry Balcom Ms. Ip's class
Yechan Bang Ms. Webb's class
Leilani Batteast Dr. Toney-James' class
Laquan Battle Ms. Shaw-Nobles' class
Calvin Beckert Dr. Toney-James' class
Stokely Beckford Dr. Toney-James' class
Stephon Bekoe Ms. Horgan's class
NIcolas Benito Ms. Hall's class
Lauren Benito Ms. Wejman's class
Amir Blount Ms. Horgan's class
Gabrielle Bradley Ms. Hall's class
Geneva Bradley Ms. Krecik's class
khaola bradlow Ms. Horgan's class
Kristell Briceno Ms. Hall's class
Janelle Brooks Ms. Horgan's class
Malachi Brown Mr. Albrecht's class
Aubrie Byrd Ms. Horgan's class
Theodore Byrn Ms. Maltz's class
Caleb Caldwell Ms. Sheridan's class
Charles Campbell Ms. Sweeney's class
Miles Campbell Ms. Webb's class
Maria Elena Cannon Ms. Markert's class
Josh Cannon Ms. Annorh's class
Joseph Cavicchia Ms. Pfeiffer's class
Noah Charles Dr. Toney-James' class
Jerry Cheng Ms. Sweeney's class
Abdul Chikfeh Ms. Clement's class
Jordan Collins Ms. Sweeney's class
Liam Considine Ms. Webb's class
Neil Courtney Ms. Wejman's class
Brendan Courtney Ms. Sweeney's class
Alfredo Damian Ms. Horgan's class
Zachary Danchev Ms. Ip's class
Agnes Daniel Ms. Clement's class
Isaiah Daniel Ms. Weinberg's class
Sage Dassinger Ms. Krecik's class
Eleanor Detlefsen Ms. Wejman's class
Emilien d'Hubert Ms. Sheridan's class
Faustine d'Hubert Ms. Wejman's class
General Donation  
Lucy Doughty Ms. Bethanie Smith's class
Nicolai Duda Ms. Hall's class
Scott Dukes Ms. Drewa's class
Christian Edwards Ms. Garcia's class
Kamri Elion Ms. Garcia's class
Mautice Elion Ms. Sheridan's class
Gabriela Ellis Ms. Horgan's class
Lucas Ellis Ms. Krecik's class
Anna Erickson Ms. Erickson's class
Ann Evans Ms. Horgan's class
Elias Evans Ms. Weinberg's class
Aila Ewing Ms. Hall's class
Henry Fish Ms. Horgan's class
Nasayah Flakes Ms. Clement's class
Robert Flynn Ms. Burks' class
Amelia Flynn Ms. Bethanie Smith's class
Edward Flynn Ms. Sweeney's class
Jonathan Ford Ms. Hall's class
Julian Ford Ms. Markert's class
Maximus Franklin Ms. Horgan's class
August Franklin Ms. Garcia's class
Yuri Frias Kaehler Ms. Garcia's class
Sarah Fridman Ms. Lemberis' class
Michelle Fridman Ms. Hall's class
Caroline Friesen Ms. Annorh's class
Payton Fulton Mr. Papczun's class
Charlie Fulton Ms. Clement's class
Ethan G Ms. Sheridan's class
Jackson Gannaway Ms. Ip's class
Richard Gao Ms. Maltz's class
Lukas Gipson Ms. Wejman's class
Walter Gorges Ms. Sheridan's class
Mackenzie Gowans Ms. Garcia's class
Vivian Grant Ms. Maltz's class
Daisy Guadarrama Ms. Johnson-Finner's class
andry gunthoti Ms. Shaw-Nobles' class
Loren H Ms. Markert's class
Mars Hall Ms. Weinberg's class
Esme Hammond Ms. Clement's class
Ilse Hammond Ms. Wejman's class
Sam Harmon Ms. Maltz's class
London Harris Ms. Horgan's class
Sayu Hatogai Ms. Horgan's class
Shio Hatogai Ms. Mormolstein's class
Cassidy Hearon Ms. Garcia's class
Cyan Hernandez Ms. Webb's class
Rose Hernandez Ms. Bethanie Smith's class
Yair Holmes Dr. Toney-James' class
"Everybody can be great because anybody can serve...You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love. And you can be that servant."
— Martin Luther King Jr.
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